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Advocacy Training

Advocacy training is intended to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to influence the policy making process around progressive social change to impact the lives and interests of women and girls of color. Each training includes practical tools, tips, and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your advocacy efforts.

The training sessions are designed to meet the needs of those who are just beginning their careers in advocacy to those who are incorporating advocacy more as part of their jobs to experienced advocates who want to sharpen their skill sets.


Most importantly, the goal is to provide an engaging, dynamic learning experience that supports the work of leaders and advocates on behalf of helping communities succeed.


Training is available in person and virtually, ranging from two hours to a full day. We are happy to work with you to customize a program that addresses the issues and components relevant to you.


Sample trainings include:

  • Advocacy 101

  • Legislative Outreach

  • Nonprofit Advocacy

  • Coalition Building

  • Policy Development

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