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empowHered Advocacy 

Supporting women of color leaders and organizations serving women and girls of color through EmpowHered Advocacy



EmpowHered Advocacy helps advance the work of leaders and organizations who endeavor to create progressive social change through public policies that expand access and equity for women and girls of color. 

Our mission is to strengthen and support the efforts of policy entrepreneurs who share our commitment to make systematic changes to public policies that empower women and girls of color and instigate bold transformation.

We help leaders of color and organizations understand the policy making process and how to influence policy outcomes. Our client-partners gain valuable insight and training to effectively engage elected officials, stakeholders, and impacted communities in order to shape the discourse around critical issues and promote more just and inclusive laws.  


Let's work together

Our aim is to provide tools and resources that inform, empower, and engage leaders of color and organizations around progressive social change. We use our expertise to strengthen and bolster our clients' efforts to navigate the policy making process, interact with legislators and stakeholders, and build awareness and support within communities. 





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