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Redefining the C-Suite and Senior Leadership Journey for Women of Color

The Melanin Suite Mastermind is a group coaching program designed especially for women of color at the executive and senior leadership level who want to empower themselves as leaders. Grounded in a community-centered approach, the program brings together an intimate circle of women to celebrate and support each other on their journey to discover, define, and elevate their leadership potential.



The program equips participants to cultivate and pursue a leadership journey that aligns with their goals, priorities, and vision. It encourages women of color leaders, particularly those in white-dominated spaces, to get comfortable standing in their truth, knowing their value, and taking bold action.


The 12-month program involves deep self-reflection, accountability, and collective empowerment. Each woman must be willing to take leaps of faith, be brave, and show up fully and honestly.



Why the Melanin Suite Mastermind?

When women thrive in leadership, organizations win.

Organizations with a higher proportion of women in

leadership are more likely to report greater creativity,

innovation, and productivity. Yet, women, especially

women of color, remain significantly underrepresented

in leadership positions. Research shows that as women

of color navigate the leadership ladder, they encounter

several barriers, including lack of support and feeling

isolated and undervalued. Women of color are also less

likely than their white counterparts to feel comfortable

bringing their authentic selves to work for fear of judgement.


When women of color attempt to navigate these barriers

without support and allyship, burnout is often the result

with women of color leaving their workplaces at higher rates. However, women of color connected to networks of similar and like-minded people are more likely to enhance their leadership potential, accelerate in their careers, and have higher levels of wellbeing and self-worth. 



If any of this sounds familiar, this mastermind is for you:

  • Do you ever experience feelings of isolation, loneliness, or invisibility in your position or at your organization?

  • Are you the only, the first, or a few among women of color in your organization or profession?

  • Are you looking for a safe space to be transparent and authentic about the good and the bad of your leadership journey?

  • Do you need more clarity and confidence to navigate barriers and overcome limiting beliefs?

  • Do you want to create or expand your circle of support among women of color who have shared experiences and just “get it”?



What can you expect to gain from this program:

  • Transform your mindset and limiting beliefs

  • Align your leadership journey with your strengths and values

  • Level up your confidence to think bigger, make powerful decisions, and be seen and heard unapologetically in meaningful ways

  • Engage in facilitated discussions focused on curated topics centering women of color

  • Get tools, resources, and support to nurture your journey, enhance your executive presence, and develop your professional goals and leadership skills

  • Belong to a community of sister leaders that will inspire and challenge you



What this mastermind includes:

  • 12-month leadership development program to empower women of color leaders

  • An intimate, safe space that cultivates trust, authenticity, and healing

  • Virtual monthly group sessions – facilitated discussions around curated topics that impact women of color in leadership, plus space for women to support each other with their celebrations, questions, frustrations, or whatever they need to let go of

  • Virtual individual coaching sessions – executive coaching calls to bolster transformative leadership and maximize personal and professional development

  • Accountability partner – peer supported partnership to encourage progress and success towards your goals

  • Reflection exercises and readings

  • Maximum of 10 participants in each circle

What she said...

“Dr. Prendergast is a powerhouse in empowerment coaching. As the only Black woman, working for a white led non-profit, Dr. Prendergast uplifted me in my journey. She continuously encouraged me to find my voice, speak up for myself, and also speak truth to power. She pushed me to live past my limiting beliefs and operate from an abundance mindset. She genuinely cares about the individuals she works with.” 
“Working with Danielle in the past year has taught me new ways of thinking and operating. She helped me see myself more clearly, leverage my existing strengths to achieve my goals, become more aware of thought patterns that were holding me back, and develop new skills to deal with stress and anxiety.”
“Working with Danielle has been an absolute joy…Danielle’s sly, candid, and ultimately deeply affirming style allowed me to explore what it really means to step into your power and truly “own it”. She created an authentic and safe space to explore my relationship to work in a real way, with a focus on balancing safety and authenticity in how I show up to my work. She spotted ways that I was inadvertently diminishing my own shine, and encouraged me to play chess, not checkers when it comes to dealing with workplace dynamics. Her steady and observant demeanor helped me step back, reflect, and redirect so that I could fly.”
“Danielle is an amazing executive coach because she understands the workplace, and in particular, the struggles of managing staff and finding time to strategize. She is more than a sounding board, she gives practical advice and helps identify useful solutions that work! She helped me start fresh and think big. She is a great accountability partner and cheer leader in helping me reach my goals.”

Meet our coach + facilitator:

Dr. Danielle Prendergast is an executive coach and founder of Empower Her Strategies, an empowerment and leadership development company created especially for Black women and women of color. Danielle works with high achieving women who want to elevate their leadership profile with more clarity, confidence, and empowerment. She helps clients push through their limitations, navigate barriers, and define a leadership journey that aligns with their values and strengths.  She founded Empower Her Strategies after a successful career in government relations and public policy advocating for issues of access and equity on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized communities. Danielle has lobbied before Congress and state legislatures in Maryland, Florida, and Georgia on energy and the environment, civil rights and liberties, and K-12 and higher education issues. She has been an adjunct professor of political science for more than a decade where her teaching interests focus on the intersection of race, politics, and public policy. She holds a Ph.D. in political science, a master's degree in public administration, and a bachelor’s degree in history. 

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