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Empower Her Workshops for Women and Girls

Empower Her workshops educate and empower women and girls of color to achieve their fullest potential as inspired, confident leaders.

Each program can be presented in different formats and duration according to the number and age of participants involved, your budget, and the amount of time available. The workshops are successful as half day, full day, or multiple-day retreat sessions.  

Empower Her Leadership

Empower Her Leadership workshops are designed to inspire, grow, and nourish the leadership potential of women and girls of color through dynamic skill-building workshops and hands-on activities.

  • Leadership Identities and Roles

  • Visioning and Goal Setting

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Public Speaking

  • Network Building


Empowering Diversity and Inclusion


Empowering Diversity & Inclusion workshops create supportive spaces for uncomfortable conversations to develop inclusive leaders and teams.  Our interactive, thought-provoking workshops allow participants to confront challenging diversity and inclusion, leadership, and culture questions directly and thoughtfully.



Impostor Syndrome Masterclass


Impostor Syndrome Masterclass shifts your mindset, helps you to stop feeling stuck, frustrated, and unsure, and empowers you to stand in your truth.  You'll get the clarity to discover: 


  • How to recognize the signs of impostor syndrome. 

  • How negative, limiting beliefs diminish your value, hold you back, and keep you playing small. 

  • How to shift your mindset in order to reclaim your power and create your highest, most authentic life


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