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Uplifting, inspiring, and supporting high achieving women of color to break through barriers and limiting beliefs, reclaim their magic, and live out loud authentically.


  Executive coaching to help high achieving women of color conquer limiting beliefs, stop holding back, and step into their authentic self

Educating and empowering women and girls of color to achieve their fullest potential as inspired, confident leaders

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A private community platform for Black women in leadership to connect, celebrate, and soar together

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Meet Danielle, Founder & CEO 

I am an empowerment strategist and leadership development coach for women of color seeking clarity, confidence and empowerment in their lives and leadership journey.

After years of playing small and undervaluing myself, I finally had an a-ha, epiphany, WTF moment. I realized that one of the biggest obstacles keeping me from living a life in alignment with my dreams and values was me. Specifically, it was the limiting beliefs and self-doubts that I allowed to dominate my thoughts that held me back. After years of insecurity, I did the work to shift my mindset and stand in my power. Then I found my joy in helping other women of color to stop playing safe and manifest their melanin magic.


As an empowerment coach and strategist, my mission is to uplift, inspire, and support high achieving women of color who dare to conquer limiting beliefs and barriers, reclaim their magic, and live and lead out loud authentically.


Today is the day You stop showing up as less than everything you are and start leading with confidence and authority

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Empower Her


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Melanin Suite

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What People Say

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Working with Dr. Prendergast has helped me get out of my way and move forward especially in those moments that I have felt most stuck. She helps me sift out what is important from all that is clouding my head and then co-develops with me action steps to get me closer to where I am desiring to go or feel. Dr. Prendergast provides a space of non-judgment guidance, one of collaboration and co-creation, where I am not being told what to do but we both participate in the creation as well as the accountability to make it realized. I leave our conversations lifted and prepared.

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~ Jersey Garcia, LMFT

Relationship Harmony, LLC

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